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Taipei House welcome " Monthly Guests "  the place is generally more suitable for travelers....
ADD: F11-1, No293, SongJiang Road (9th Ave.) Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-2503-5819/2517-8217 Mobile : 886-952-212312 (Do not phone after 23:00)

we will confirm you A.S.A.P. If you not receive our responsive  in 24 hrs. please send the reservation again.

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Taipei House is also a backpackers' hostel & as such may not be suitable for those without any
backpacking experience, The place is generally more suitable for genuine independent travelers.

  Add:F11-1, No.293, Songjiang Rd. (9th Ave.) Taipei Taiwan          E-MAIL        
MRT "Xingtian Temple " station Gate No.4 across the just steps
TEL:886-2-2503-5819; 2517-8217,FAX:886-2-2517-9352
Mobile phone:886-952-212312       copy right Taipei House. all right reserved