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Take Evergreen airport bus to Taipei city. "Taipei House I.Y.H." is beside the stop.
¡@¡½ The origins of Youth Hostel
Around 100 years ago, Richard Schirrmann, a German principle, said, Education does not happen only inside the school. Through field trips, to keep students away from the protections of parents and develop his own ability being independent. And also get in touch with the nature, study different cultures and traditions. All of them are also important element of education. For people with limited budget to be able to travel to other places and have some adventures, there came the first Youth Hostel in the world in 1909. Then, it became International Youth Hostel Federation at 1932  (IYHF).
Unlike hotel, there's no restaurant and SPA, youth hostel is pretty simple. They only provide accommodation. Except bed and blanket, everything else should be brought by the travelers. So the low price is affordable for everyone. Now you can explore to see the world and open your eyes!!
¡@¡½ Development of Taipei  House
In 1987, it was the first time for me to travel abroad to HK. A couple days before I took off, I was swamped in anxiety, worry, uneasiness, and eagerness to explore. This lasted for a while until I landed in HK. While walking on the street and feeling nervous, I could not calm myself down until the second day at Youth Hostel. It was the warmth originating from my fellow citizens who happen to be there that comforts me. In the summer of 2001, due to God's blessing, Taipei House I.Y.H. was established. I appreciate God for giving me the opportunity to make quite a few foreign friends.
Later on in my experience in I.Y.H., through offering and helping others, I felt the accomplishment and joy in the emails and message log as if they were reflection in the mirror. It is unexpected for the visitors to realize that people in Taipei and Taiwan are more than willing to help out. Not to mention words from my colleagues-This work is for the sake of building the image of the nation.
I have always dreamt of one day that after visiting Taiwan, foreigners will hold a good impression toward this country. Starting from I.Y.H, they not only had a chance to appreciate scenic and culture beauty in Taiwan but also to see the hospitality of Taiwanese; Let's promote Taiwan and make us visible.

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¡@¡½  The Spirit of Youth Hostel (YH)  

This Youth Hostel (YH) is not ran for business purposes. The person who runs the Youth Hostel offers the services of this hostel out of a desire to help others. The Y.H. Youth Hostel is a safe space for travelers, where they can stay in a place of security and comfort.

Guests of Y.H. have the spirits of sharing within them, from sharing the place that they live and their experiences with one another, to a strong sense of personal responsibility and D. I. Y.
Our guests come from all over the world, and broaden their views by sharing their unique cultures and experiences with one another.  As Confucius once said, ¡§The world is like an open book, those who do not travel read only the first page..¡¨ Through the experience of travel, not only do the distances of countries lesson, but so do the distances between people.

¡@ ¡½  How  cheap  is the  Youth Hostel¡H  
Whether it is hotels or villages, it will cost at least a couple grand to check into one room, which is quite burdensome for people with limited budgets; YH is willing to go extra miles to help people without money travel happily. Accordingly,. all you need to afford is the cost of a bed; usually, for Y.H. in developing countries, it will cost about one hundred to two hundred to rent a bed such as the I.H. in Beijing-NT200, or even NT60 at Bangkok, which is equivalent to NT1800 per month. Having said that, it is even cheaper than one day in hotel. For countries in Europe and America, it costs around NT700 to find a room whereas in Taipei NT490 should be fair enough.
Whether traveling abroad,  domestically, or even finding a thrifty, clean and safe place to live, Y,H. is definitely your one and only choice. Among 80 countries around the world, 4000 I.H.s are the largest hostel alliance.
¡@¡½   Besides for budget traveler. what it offer.  

Among all the members in this alliance, to ensure the quality periodically,  I.H. monitors  five standards: hospitality, cleanness, safety, privacy, and comfortability . Most importantly, it is easy to make friends with people around the world and further more to learn diverse cultures. I.H. hopes to promote world harmony through the interaction between people of different countries and race.
If you are not a social person, it is just spontaneous to make friends because of the layout of the hostels here. In addition, there are social room, public kitchen, whether it is reading newspaper or watching TV, or even cooking YES! You are more than welcome to grab something from the market and enjoy being a chef here), people are more than willing to chitchat with each other. With that being said, it is not surprising to expand individual's international vision.

¡@ ¡½   Are the Youth Hostels accept Young people only¡H
Initially Y.H. was established for youths but later on people with limited budgets and great interests in traveling started to become interested in the service of Y.H.. Having said that, there is no age limit upon people who like to check in. As long as you have the energy, initiative and the spirit to share, you are more than welcomed to apply to become a member. Flash your member card and we will check you in.
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