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Taipei House Female dorm. " Monthly Guests "  the place is generally more suitable for travelers....
Non included Extra charge of 50NT$ each person per night for air-condition in summer.
Additional charge
reception hours : Mon.-Sat.8:30~11:00am. 16:00~20:00 Sun. 8:00~10:00am.19:00~21:00

  ■ US$ per month

 "Taipei House Female Dorm." for Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly rental  service .
 rent is the follows.

      Room Types


Yearly discount Quarterly discount Monthly discount

Single Room

1250 US$ /R 475 US$ 62% 532 US$ 57% 625 US$ 50%

2 person room
(bunk beds)

1650 US$ /R 627 US$ 62% 702 US$ 57% 825 US$ 50%

3 person room

2000 US$ /R

760 US$ 62%  850 US$ 57% 1000 US$ 50%

3 beds Room 
(share room)

615US$ /bed

431 US$ 30% 492 US$ 20% 541 US$ 12%
water and electricity air-conditioning fee have to pay extra.
It is necessary to present student ID or working permit.
Contact with e-mail :
 Facilitiesfree WIFI, dining social area, free refrigerator, kitchen, internet, sheets,
shared bathroom, drinking water, Cable Television. Pay-washing machine &
Hair dryer  in summer time air-conditioning pay extra 50-100 NT$ per night,

Taipei House is also a backpackers' hostel & as such may not be suitable for those without any backpacking experience, The place is generally more suitable for genuine independent travelers.

                      Kang Ning Building take elevator here           after 22:00 Back entrance 24 hrs security guards...
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Best area super and super location. walking distance 1~10 minutes away everything you can make it.

                     Taipei House 11 Floor                                  Have a rest, if you out of reception    

have a rest. if you come out off reception hours. please make reservation in advence.

                Social area make friends here.....                                          Reception 

Come to watch TV, read magazines, travel books and keep a journal, dining social area, share a experience of your travel and culture to each other and more information at reception........

 Common area to make friends....    sweet kitchen for guests, toilet and shower, washing machine...

common area is useful to make friends here.......

       Single Private Room with shower                           Double Private Room

Facilities: free wifi, window, desk, wardrobe, TV, cupboard. air-conditioning pay extra. *share bathroom*

                                 2 bunk beds private room  for 2 people  

Facilities:free wifi, window, desk, wardrobe, cupboard. air-conditioning pay extra. *share bathroom*

                                    Triple private room  for 3 people                       

Facilities:free wifi, window, desk, wardrobe, air-con pay extra. *share bathroom*
  Add:F11-1, No.293, Songjiang Rd. (9th Ave.) Taipei Taiwan          E-MAIL        
MRT "Xingtian Temple " station Gate No.4 across the just steps
TEL:886-2-2503-5819; 2517-8217,FAX:886-2-2517-9352
Mobile phone:886-952-212312       copy right Taipei House. all right reserved